What we do

Talking robot? Fire-breathing monster? Virtual Reality? No problem. Since firing up the engine in 2010, we’ve created amazing content for an impressive range of companies - from giant technology brands, Dell, Motorola, and VMware to independent craft beer icon Deschutes Brewery. Our talented team of writers, designers and animators is dedicated to helping our customers tell the stories they need to tell in the most creative and compelling way. Let us help you tell yours!


Whether it's a Pixar-style character animation or a 2D motion graphics video, our animators are ready to bring your story to life.

Live Action

From documentary-style run and gun, to large studio shoots with visual effects, our talented team will make your next film stand out from the pack.


It’s here! And we’ve already created some really cool VR content for some of our favorite customers. Talk to us about how we can build a Virtual or Augmented Reality experience for your brand.

Scott Oliphant

Scott is Owner & Creative Director of Impossible Engine, which he started in 2010 after 10 years of design and animation experience on the agency side. While at Y&R Austin, Scott produced and directed commercial work for large tech brands including AMD, Dell and Blu-Ray Disc.

During his 8 years at the helm of Impossible Engine, Scott has directed and produced projects across a wide range of media from fully animated commercials to large live action shoots and virtual reality experiences. He’s worked with companies across many industries from large tech brands like VMware and Twitter to craft beer icon Deschutes Brewery and the National Forest Service. In 2014, Scott relocated to Bend, Oregon and opened a 2nd office to better service west coast clientele. Outside of work you may find him playing music and wandering through the Oregon wilderness.

Joshua Rosenquist

Associate Creative Director & Lead Writer, Josh runs the show at the Impossible Engine office in Austin, TX. With over 15 years in the biz, Josh joined the company in 2011 after several years in the Austin agency world.

Since then he’s written an award-winning animated short for Rackspace, penned some amazing VR brand pieces for Deschutes Brewery, and even figured out how to hack an oscilloscope for Y&R Austin! Beyond ACD’ing and writing, he enjoys exploring unfamiliar terrain, both physical (he thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail) and virtual (Unity VR development, Augmented Reality, interactive art.)

Katherine Sternat

Kathy is lead Producer at Impossible Engine. She joined the Austin office in 2013 after managing accounts at companies both small (a web startup in Ohio) and large (Google in Massachusetts).

With a Master’s degree in Advertising and specialization in Interactive Technology, Kathy’s skill set provides a unique perspective onto the work we do — which comes in handy for Impossible Engine’s recent work in virtual reality. She loves travel and video games, and when she’s not planning her next real-life excursion you might find her roaming the hills of Skyrim.