Case Study: ADP Map

Keiler, an ad agency based in Connecticut, hired us to produce this 3D animation piece for ADP. The concept involved driving a car on a crumpled paper map as it unfolded; the idea being “a roadmap to retirement with fewer wrinkles”. They’d already put a lot of work into the script and storyboards by the time we got involved but were looking for a creative partner with the technical chops and ability help realize their vision.

Realistic crumpled 3D paper presents an interesting set of challenges, especially when you need to drive a car on it as it unfolds. After a little R&D we developed several methods for creating crumpled paper assets that we used for various parts of the piece. One of the coolest parts of this project was hooking the car up (via some scripting) to a PlayStation 3 controller and actually driving it in real-time. The end result was a physically accurate car simulation that responded to external forces like a real car (braking, acceleration, terrain). Like a video game, we took turns in the office trying to get the best drive through the unfolding paper landscape. 3 VIEW ON VIMEO ›

We loved how it turned out and the agency was ecstatic about it, as was their client ADP. And if that wasn’t enough to make us smile, it became an award winner for Keiler and 3D World magazine interviewed us for a full spread feature about the challenges of the project which was a real honor.

“Impossible Engine did an awesome job for us visualizing this wrinkly, crumply world unfolding ,” said Michael Feinberg , Keiler Creative Director. “It’s playful. There’s a lot to look at and it’s a bit surreal. A nice change for what is normally a dry and boring tool used to sell retirement services.”