Creative Brief

Our company’s expansion to Bend, OR put us in the same town as some of the best breweries in America. Deschutes Brewery, one of the flagships of the craft brewing scene, was on our radar immediately. After an initial meeting with their marketing team, we learned that many Deschutes’ customers don’t realize that some of the beers they love are named after real places in Central Oregon. We thought, “this is a problem we can solve.”

"The next best thing to being here."


We were looking for a fun project to allow us to experiment with Virtual Reality content creation, and this seemed like the perfect fit. What if we could bring Deschutes Brewery customers to the locations on the bottles of beer they were drinking, virtually, while real Deschutes employees narrate their journey? We pitched the idea to Deschutes, and they jumped on board immediately.


We immediately threw ourselves into VR, learning everything we could about capturing, stitching, spatial audio, format, and presentation. Deschutes has a rabid social media fan base and we knew whatever we did had to be authentic to who they were.

We used actual Deschutes employees as our on-camera and voiceover talent and headed out with them and a 14-camera stereo GoPro rig to some incredibly beautiful spots in Central Oregon. The script really wrote itself as we discovered these places ourselves during the production.

For stitching we were able to beta text a Nuke plugin called Cara VR. Nuke allowed us a lot of control in removed the stand and solving stereo stitching issues.


We just completed the third 3D VR video in a series for Deschutes Brewery. The videos have received really great buzz on their social media channels and garnered Deschutes Brewery a ton of free press. For deliverables, we created a self-contained Unity app for people with Oculus Rifts to see the videos in 3D.

Deschutes Brewery has an Oculus Rift setup that they take to events to showcase this content for their customers. We also published the videos in 360-degree format to YouTube and Facebook and have plans for more platforms in the coming months. Take a look on your phone or tablet with the YouTube app to look around (and view it in 3D if you have Samsung Gear or Google Cardboard). We’d love for you to see this in the Oculus Rift headset for the full effect, and would be happy to set up a demo.

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