Deschutes Brewery “Black Butte” VR

This film showcases Black Butte, the namesake for Deschute’s Black Butte Porter, and is part of a series of VR / 360 films we created for Deschutes Brewery.

The Task

When we opened an Impossible Engine office in Bend, OR, we found ourselves in the same town as some of the best breweries in America, and Deschutes Brewery was at the top of that list.

Many Deschutes’ customers don’t realize that the beers they love are named after real places in Central Oregon. Using emerging VR / 360 technology we transport Deschutes’ customers from all over the world to the locations depicted on their beer labels.

Delivered as a fully immersive Oculus Rift app for use in Deschutes Brewery’s tasting rooms and as 360 video available through their regular social media channels.

animation agency, motion design