“In The Pines” VR Short

This immersive VR short we wrote and produced in-house puts the viewer in-scene with the action as a girl deep in the Oregon woods unravels the mystery of the floating lights. This piece was featured at the Bend Film Festival and remains one of our favorites.

Immersive Story

This project was one of our earliest forays into the world of VR. We decided to take on an idea for an animated short that had been kicking around the studio. Since we were already scheduled to host a VR Lounge for the Bend Film Festival, we thought we should have something of our own to show!


Some early character sketches and art. Our talented design team had a unique vision for the overall style.


We decided on Unity as the game engine that would hold and render all the assets. We wanted the experience to be rendered real time in immersive stereoscopic 3D, not just projected inside a sphere.

Watch in 360

While not the same experience as watching the short in a headset, you can check out the film in 360 below!