We were honored to participate in the complete rebranding of the annual VMware “VMworld” conference into VMware “EXPLORE” in 2022.

To kick things off, we participated in a design sprint with the VMware Brand Team along with several other vendors to develop a visual style for the event. After several rounds, the team chose to move forward with our design.

Initial Concept

The initial concept was based on the metaphor of binoculars– a tool that gives you a new way of seeing and the power to explore what was previously unreachable.

Color & Design

Using the VMware color palette and drawing inspiration from their brand illustrations, we created a design that aligns to the values of VMware while still being new and surprising.

Final Look & Feel

The VMware designers expanded upon our work to create the look and feel of the entire event. We worked closely with their team to bring everything to life with animation.


First up was a short sizzle video that announced the re-branding of the event as “VMware EXPLORE.”


For the launch, we designed and animated a longer piece previewing the high-level topics at the conference and enticing viewers to attend.

Event Animations

For the event itself, we created numerous looping animations for display walls and speaker backdrops.


It was so successful that VMware expanded on the theme for EXPLORE 2023 in Las Vegas this year. We created many animated assets for this year’s EXPLORE as well as some assets for digital signage on the Strip.